Hot List - Uniform Items We Pay Cash For

Black Fleece Parka Liner                               

Coyote Fleece Parka Liner                                            

Navy Cold Weather Black Parka                                

NWU Type III Blouse                                      

NWU Type III Trousers                                  

NWU Type III 8 Point Hat                                              

NWU Type III Parka                                        

NWU Type III Small Patch "Don't Tread On Me" Velcro                                   

NWU Type III Flag Reversed Field Patch on Velcro                                             

NWU Type III Small Patch Reversed Field Flag on Velcro                                 

NWU Type III Large Patch "Don't Tread on Me" Embroided                                           

NWU Type III Flag Reversed Field Patch Embroided                                          

NWU Type III Large Patch Reversed Field Flag Embroided                                              

Navy Steel Toe Coyote Boots (Belleville)                               

Navy Coyote Boots (Belleville)                                   

Leather Gloves                                 

Cold Weather Leather Gloves                                    

Khaki Garrison Cap                                         

SDB Jumper Top with Zipper 

SDB Jumper Trousers with Zipper 

SDB Jumper Top with Piping 

Improved Duffle Bag                                      

Old Duffle Bag                                  

Dixie Cup