Hot List - Uniform Items We Pay Cash For

Good Condition means, No fading, No tears, No stains, No marks, No pilling, No snags, No scuffs, etc.. --yes, we're picky, but so are our clients

  • Black Fleece Parka Liner
  • Navy Cold Weather Black Parka
  • Eisenhower Jacket - Relaxed Fit with Liner
  • NWU Type III Trousers, Blouse and 8-Point Cover
  • NWU Type III Gore Tex Parka & Pants
  • Garrison Cap: Black or Khaki Poly/Wool fabric
  • Service Dress Blue Jumper Top with Zipper
  • Service Dress Blue Jumper Trousers with Zipper
  • Service Dress White Jumper Top with Piping
  • Dixie Cup
  • Neckerchief - rolled
  • Navy Authorized Boots (Brown only) - Like New or New with Tags
  • Navy Type 1 "Blueberry" Trousers
  • USMC Woodland MARPAT Blouse, Trousers, 8pt Cover, Boonie Hat
  • Seabag
  • Current NAVY Maternity Uniforms
  • NAVY PT Blue Hoodie, Sweatshirt or Sweatpants
  • NAVY PT Blue T-Shirt "Forged by the Sea" emblem
  • NAVY PT Yellow T-Shirt
  • NAVY PT Blue Shorts
  • NAVY Black Wool V-Neck Sweater
  • NAVY Black Acrylic V-Neck Sweater
  • NAVY Black Mock Turtleneck
  • NAVY Coveralls
  • NAVY Officer/CPO Dress "Choker White" Jackets (current style/brand)