Hot List - Uniform Items We Pay Cash For

Black Fleece Parka Liner

Navy Cold Weather Black Parka

Eisenhower Jacket - Relaxed Fit with lining

NWU Type III Blouse

NWU Type III Trousers

NWU Type III 8 Point Hat

NWU Type III Parka

NWU Type III Gore Tex Pants

Khaki Garrison P/W Cap

SDB Jumper Top with Zipper

SDB Jumper Trousers with Zipper

SDW Jumper Top with Piping

Duffle Bag / Seabag

Dixie Cup

Neckerchief - rolled & unrolled (good condition)

USMC Woodland MARPAT Blouse

USMC Woodland MARPAT Trousers

USMC Woodland MARPAT 8-Point Hat

USMC Woodland MARPAT Boonie Hat