ARMY ACU UCP Trousers - Flame Resistant

Army Combat Uniform (ACU) Digital Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) FR Pants

Authentic Former Issued ACU Coat in Digital UCP. The Army no longer uses this style so you get your work done with out any questions!

These ACU Pants are built for comfort and ease of function. They feature bellowed calf storage pockets and an anterior tilted cargo pocket for secure accessibility, while cuffed legs with front closure ties make for a quick and easy cinching around the boot collar. Knee pouches with hook-and-loop closures allow for internal knee pad supports to be inserted comfortably. The combat camo's have a button fly with drawstring waist and are built from vat-dyed, 50% nylon/ 50% cotton ripstop, no-shrink fabric, and Near Infrared (NIR) Technology.  

 The flame resistant ACU (FR ACU) is constructed with defender M which features Lenzing FR fibers, a fire resistant and self extinguishing fabric that will not melt or drip when in contact with open fire. The fire/flame resistant properties are part of the fabric, therefore it will never wash or wear out. The defender M fabric is comfortable and lightweight fabric with breathable Lenzing FR fibers that keeps you cooler by absorbing perspiration faster. Lenzing FR protects the skin from all kind of heat, fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, molten metals and flash fires. The FR ACU is built to military specifications (FQ/PD 04-05A) and is Near Infrared (NIR) compliant