AS-IS NAVY WO/LCDR Combination Dress Cap - White CNT Cover

AS-IS Condition US NAVY WO/LCDR Combination Dress Cap with White CNT Cover.

- Fully assembled Frame with Cover, Navy Officer Crest Hi-Relief Cap Device, Officer Cap Elastic Band Mount, Poromeric Visor, USN Gold Screwcap Buttons, and Gold Mylar 1/2" Chinstrap.
- Navy approved wear with Dress and Service Khakis and Summer White Uniforms.
- Made in U.S.A.
- Condition: AS-IS, NOT recommended for active military personnel under uniform inspection.

What is AS-IS? AS-IS means they might have a small stain or other minor defects. We make sure we don't send you anything awkward. AS-IS is marked down for pricing and great for theater productions, costumes or someone who doesn't have to get into rank and file to be looked up and down by the "Brigadier Chief."