AS-IS USMC MARPAT Desert Frog Trousers -FR

Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) MARPAT FROG Pants - Fire Resistant

Authentic Current Standard Issue MCCUU in Digital Desert Camouflage. These uniforms are currently worn by the US Marine Corps.

These eight pocket trousers are made of Defender M flame resistant fabric, are moisture wicking, and NIR compliant. They have an easy button fly with reinforced seat and articulated knee! 

Made in the U.S.A. 

*** The "AS-IS" Marpat trousers are in pretty darn good condition if you ask us (or our customers!) They just didn't quite pass for our "Good" condition.

"AS-IS" means these have a minor flaw, like, a small stain, a missing button, a small hole, slight fading, or pilling. And are always priced lower!

These are great for those of you who are not being looked up and down by a microscope or you're the type of sailor who gets dirty often. For whatever the reason, these pants are a super great buy!