NAVY Men's Dinner Dress Blue Trouser

You can't go to a Navy Gala or Ceremony without these pants (highly frowned upon, no pants, no bueno). Get the matching slacks for less! 55% Poly/ 45% Wool. Dry Clean only. Hook fastener at waist, no belt loops.

***The sizes listed are actual inches.  Ordering the correct size helps us get you the right fit the first time. To get your size right the first time, (and we're only telling you this because 1 out of 2 Sailors has grown since boot camp) grab a pair of your best fitting dress trousers and a measuring tape. Measure flat (don't stretch, but also don't allow it to bunch up) across the waistband from one corner to the other, then double the number to get the actual waist size. Our sizes are exactly that - in inches. You can do this! 

Another way to get the right size is to grab a friend (who you are totally comfortable having an awkward moment with) and have them help you measure your waist and inseam. If you don't have any friends available for an awkward moment, then ensure you have some good yoga moves in you. 

To measure waist, go 2 finger height above the hip bone and measure around loosely, (nobody is judging your final tally). To measure inseam, start from the crotch (no, no zone) and measure the inside of the leg to the ankle bone.