NAVY Women's Dress White Jumper Trousers

White polyester slacks! It is in (in stock that is). Pair the trouser pants with a White Jumper Blouse and you are ready to hit the soiree or be inspected. If you are a civilian, we don't discriminate, pair it with your favorite top. It is advisable to avoid small children post chocolate chip cookie, pre-clean up while wearing.

Made of authorized 100% poly­ester (Certified Navy Twill) white fabric with inverted side creases, zippered fly front closure, a modesty liner, which extends to the bottom of the pockets, and two side pockets.

****The lengths listed are actual inches.  Ordering the correct size helps us get you the right fit the first time.

Grab a friend (who you are totally comfortable having an awkward moment with) and have them help you measure your inseam. If you don't have any friends available for an awkward moment, then ensure you have some good yoga moves in you. 

To measure inseam, start from the crotch (no, no zone) and measure the inside of the leg to the ankle bone.