AS-IS NAVY Men's O1-O6 Hard Board: Line Officer

AS-IS Condition US NAVY Male O1-O6 Hard Shoulder Board: Line Officer. Navy Hard Shoulder Boards are designed to be worn on the following Naval uniforms: Dinner Dress Jacket Uniform (men only), Summer Blue Uniform, Summer Dress White, and Summer White Uniform. Available in O-1 through O-6 rank.

- Measurements: approx 2 1/8" wide x 5 1/2" high
- Sold in pairs
- USN Certified
- Made in the USA
- Condition: AS-IS pre-owned, NOT recommended for active military personnel under uniform inspection.

What is AS-IS? AS-IS means they might have a small stain or other minor defects. We make sure we don't send you anything awkward. AS-IS is marked down for pricing and great for theater productions, costumes or someone who doesn't have to get into rank and file to be looked up and down by the "Brigadier Chief."