NAVY Men's Service Dress White "Choker" Jacket

US NAVY Men's Service Dress White CNT "Choker" Jacket. Dress to the hilt in the Service Dress White Jacket or reenact an "Officer and a Gentleman" (if you are old enough to remember) either way, you will be styling for less. Please avoid eating tomato sauce while wearing.

- Gold buttons included
- Fabric: Certified Navy Twill (100% Polyester)
- Care: Dry clean only
- Made in U.S.A.
- Condition: GOOD, Gently Used
- NOTE: May be sold with/without shoulder loops, and with/without rank stripes on the sleeves. Both are super easy to remove and a little steam goes a long way to clear them up. You still get a fantastic deal for a little effort. You can take it to your local alterations shop and they will know how to remove them or ask any mom over 50.

Each jacket size is individually measured. When choosing your size, here is how sizing is noted on the drop-down menu:

- Size (this is the marked size on the label)
- Brand
- Neck size in inches (measured around inside of collar)
- Overall length in inches (measured from bottom of collar to jacket hem)
- Sleeve length in inches (measured from sleeve shoulder to sleeve wrist)
- Style (noted with or without shoulder loops)

Please make sure to take your measurements on the body, or measure a similar item with buttoned collar, long sleeves and a length that fits you well.