NAVY Women's SDB Jumper Trousers - Zipper

USN Female Enlisted Service Dress Blue Jumper Pants with Zipper. These slacks are part of the Fall/Winter version of the Navy "Crackerjack" uniform; or worn for functions when Dinner Dress or Full Dress Uniforms are not prescribed, and civilian dress equivalent is coat & tie.

These pants are worn with the new NAVY Women's Dress Blue Jumper Top with Zipper. Accessorize with a Rolled Neckerchief and "Dixie Cup" Cover.

- Features: hidden zipper front closure includes 13 non-functional buttons, left & right front welt pockets, one rear right pocket, laced gusset at back, inverted side creases and flared legs. All pants are hemmed unless stated otherwise.
- Color & Fabric: Black 100% Wool
- Care: Dry Clean Only
- Made in U.S.A.
- Genuine, Official US Military Navy Uniform
- Condition: Good, pre-owned/gently used unless marked as NEW.

- Grab a pair of your best fitting dress trousers and a measuring tape.
- Waist: Measure across waistband flat, from one corner to the other, then double the number to get the actual waist size.
- Inseam: Measure inside leg from crotch to the ankle bone.