About Us

Our company started in 2012 as an idea by a Retired Navy Lt. CDR to help women in the Navy with the expense of maternity uniforms. They could get money back on their uniforms post pregnancy by consigning them. We provided expecting Service Members with maternity uniforms at half the price of new. The idea spread! Why not help Veterans and Service Members recoup the cost of the uniforms they don’t need anymore. It would also help Service Members with their uniform expenses! New Uniformity was created, saving customers on official uniforms and helping the planet by recycling uniforms. Win-win.

In 2018, it was decided that the company needed some re-branding. Uniform Trading Company was born with the same ideals and same motives, just hipper, brighter, a better representation of the founder and a new partner. 

Today, we are an awesome team wanting to provide a service and create a Community for the US Military to sell and buy gently used Uniforms. We understand the challenges Service Members face when the uniform allotment doesn’t cover the cost of new. Our employees are veterans, wives of veterans, military brats and an ROTC Alumni.

Stretch those hard-earned dollars and save our landfills at the same time!

Ok, we don't just want to sell to the US Military, we want to sell to the world. I mean we are all in this "Save the planet" thing together! ♲ Reduce > Reuse > Recycle ♲. 

Our Consignment Program is on pause. Join our mailing list for more info when we re-launch our program.