Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is Consignment?
Consignment /kənˈsīnmənt/noun - an agreement to pay a supplier of goods after the goods are sold. Click for more info on our Consignment Program.

I want to consign uniforms:
Our consignment program is currently on hold. Please check back with us in November 2022. Read about our Consignment Program →→ here.

Can I mail you my stuff to consign or sell?
Sorry, not right now. We are only doing in-person consignments at our Bremerton, Washington shop. We would love to consign via mail, but we are not set up for this yet. We're working on it, and will update our Consignment Program if we're able to do so. 

Do you buy uniforms outright?
Yes, sometimes... Here's a list of what we pay cash for (good condition only please). This list is subject to change, and we do local buys ---meaning you must come in-person and we inspect items on the spot.

Are your items new or used?
We are a uniform consignment retailer, meaning all of our merchandise is pre-owned by active or retired military personnel. Unless we mark an item as "New," items are used. Here's how we grade items:
- New means new with tags, unworn.
Good condition means pre-owned/gently used, good to pass military inspection.
AS-IS condition means the item may have a small stain or other minor defect. We make sure we don't send you anything awkward. AS-IS is marked down for pricing and great for theater productions, costumes or someone who doesn't have to get into rank and file to be looked up and down by the "Brigadier Chief."
- FINAL SALE: Items marked "FINAL SALE" are priced down accordingly, non-refundable and cannot be returned. These pieces may be older/vintage items that may need seam(s) repaired, a button replacement, or have fabric wear but are still perfectly wearable. These items are great for costumes, collecting, or for production use. Please email us beforehand if you have questions about an item.


It looks like you mostly have US Navy uniforms, what’s up?
Well, our founder was a Navy Officer, however, we are working on adding uniforms from other branches of Service.

When is that uniform currently out of stock going to become available?
Since we can’t purchase new uniforms, we’re completely at the mercy of what’s brought in or mailed to us. We are re-sellers of gently used military uniforms, and by helping us to spread the word of how awesome we are, we’ll be acquiring the goods you want sooner. It’s a win-win!

If you want to be notified when an item comes back in stock, you can use the green Email When Available button in the product details. Please make sure to select the size and other details before clicking the button or you might get notified that some really tiny pants are in stock.

Are your uniforms really Official US Military Uniforms?
Yep! That’s all we do. Official Military Uniforms. All consigned from US Military Service Members or Veterans. If it’s not the real stuff, we’ll pass it on to those that can use them.

Are you like a surplus store?
Nope. We’re not a surplus store. We carry current issue military uniforms, and retired uniforms for our Vets, production companies and military aficionados. All uniforms and accessories are consigned by US Military Service Members or Veterans.

Can I trade my uniforms for a different size?
We would love it if you purchased the right-sized uniform from us and then consigned the one that no longer fits you :o) The short answer is no - please support our mission.

Do you carry ______?
Uniforms. We carry uniforms and the stuff that goes with the uniforms, like shoes, insignia, medals, occasional swords and such. No guns (guns are technically cannons and we don’t carry those either), no tents, no vests, no junk, no entrenching spoons, no cool canteens, no ammo boxes, etc.

Who are you people?
The short story; We are an awesome team of women wanting to provide a service and create a community for the US Military to sell and buy gently used uniforms.  Stretch those hard-earned dollars and save our landfills at the same time! (Ok, we don't just want to sell to the US Military, we want to sell to the world. I mean we are all in this sustainable "Save the planet" thing together! Reuse - Reduce)

Do you offer tailoring services?
No, we do not, nor would you want us to tailor any of your items...

I’m not in the military, can I still buy from you?
We don’t discriminate. We love everyone to buy from us. Anyone can purchase from us for costumes, memorabilia, etc. Just know that uniforms can’t be used to impersonate a member of the military for personal gain, it is called “Stolen Valor” and it is illegal (Stolen Valor Act of 2013).  It is ok in theatrical productions because well, pretending is understood.

The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 makes it illegal to impersonate a member of the military for any form of material personal gain, such as money or housing. Under U.S. federal law, it is a crime to falsely claim certain military honors.
Section 772 (f) allows the uniform to be worn in a theatrical production.


Do you ship to APO/FPO or military addresses?
We sure do! It’s a royal pain in the posterior but we’re here for you, our Service Members! PLEASE verify that your address is the actual ship-to address. We spend a lot of time having to revise them and that might postpone your shipment. That would make you sad and us sad. So to spread happiness, verify.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?
Yes! Select USPS courier service for PO Box deliveries.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes! Yes, we do. We have limited some of our shipping options to the most reliable ones that you’re able to track. Note that International orders may be subject to import taxes and duties, including VAT, depending upon the country in which you reside and you will be responsible for these charges. Before purchasing with us, check with your country's customs office to determine their procedures and any potential charges, as we are not able to provide estimates.

Do you rent Uniforms and other items on your website?
We do better than that! Go ahead and purchase whatever you need, from a dollar to thousands of dollars for that production you’re working on. Use and keep all the Uniforms for as long as you want, then return back to us and upon inspection, we’ll refund your cc or PayPal up to 50% for everything you purchased from us. We think it’s a pretty sweet deal and there’s no contracts or limit on time to use. Yeah, seriously!

My question isn’t answered here, how can I contact you guys?
Email us at


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