Consignment Terms

Question: Can I mail you my stuff to consign?
Answer: Sorry, not right now. We are only doing in-person consignments at our Bremerton, Washington shop. We would love to consign via mail, but we are not set up for this yet. We're working on it, and will update our Consignment Program if we're able to do so. 

Consignment /kənˈsīnmənt/noun - an agreement to pay a supplier of goods after the goods are sold.

Consign with us your great condition, serviceable US Military Uniforms/Accessories. We’ll inspect your goods, assign a price based on the quality as defined below, and email you a list of the items received, their condition, and the amount you should expect to receive upon sale. 

To get the most from consigning your goods, please bring them in clean and hanging or folded. If doing the laundry just ain’t your thing, no problem! Please note that this will likely bring your goods from “Great” category to “AS-IS” (keep reading).  And don’t worry about patches - we’ll remove them. We have people for that. 

NEW – Item has never been worn or washed, tags attached. Our price is approx. 30% less than retail.

GREAT – Item is gently used, clean and inspection ready. No stains, tears or fading. Our price is approx. 50% less than retail.

AS-IS – Item has minor stains, tiny tears, defects, fading or it needs laundering. Our price is approx. 70% less than retail.

Drum roll please … we split the proceeds of the sale;   

50/50 (50% for you) for New with tags uniforms.

40/60 (40% for you) for current; Great & AS-IS condition Uniforms & occasional super awesome vintage stuff. 

30/70 (30% for you) for some retired uniforms.

Immediate payment for goods on Hot List only. Check will be issued when either all items have sold or your share of sales exceeds $75, no exchanges or trades. 

Other – If we receive your item and we say “What the heck is that?” then we will give you the option of donating it or you can pick it up within 7 business days.

*** We do reserve the right to adjust or determine the selling price based on trends, inventory and other conditions. There’s a good chance that common goods will take a year or more to sell if there’s a surplus.

Uniform Trading Company will take reasonable care of all consigned items and is not liable for their loss or damage. We reserve the right to modify the terms of this contract to make reasonable adjustments as necessary, as well as to terminate this contract without notice.