AS-IS NAVY Men's Officer/ CPO Service Poly/Wool Khaki Shirt

Standing tall and lookin' good in this khaki shirt. It is great whether you are commanding the sailors, doing paperwork or on safari (ok, it is poly/wool, maybe not advisable in the African Veldt). Unlike when you sleep on your face, these shirts have permanent creases.  75% Poly/ 25% Wool.

And this just in! According to Uniform Newsgram - this and NSU Khaki Shirt are authorized for wear by E1 through O10! The only difference in price is due to different distributors.

***These uniforms are AS-IS. AS-IS means they might have a small stain or other minor defects. We make sure we don't send you anything awkward. AS-IS is marked down for pricing and great for theater productions, costumes or someone who doesn't have to get into rank and file to be looked up and down by the "Brigadier Chief".