AS-IS NAVY NWU Type III Woodland Blouse

Navy Working Uniform Type 3 Woodland Camouflage Coat.

With this new uniform, you can take hide and seek in the woods to a whole new level. Now your fellow SM's can find you if you go overboard. 50% nylon, 50% cotton RIPSTOP.  

The blouse length should fall between the bottom of crotch and middle of the trouser cargo pocket flap. No gapping at the blouse opening in the front and flaps should overlap. Fully extended, cuffs fastened should cover the wrist bone, but not extend beyond the first knuckle at the ba se of the thumb. When the sleeves are rolled the should have a 3” wide band covered by cuff with fabric side out and cuffs fastened falls approximately 2” above the elbow.

"AS-IS" means these have a minor flaw like a small stain, a missing button, a small hole, it might be slightly faded or pilling, etc. These are still in super great condition, just did not pass our high standards for "Good".

"AS-IS" items are always priced lower because of the minor flaw. These NWU's are such a bargain especially If you're not being looked at with a microscope!