USMC Men's Green Poly/Wool Trousers

The UCMC Green Gabardine Slack is authorized for wear as part of the service “A”, “B” or “C” uniform and have a hook-slide fastened front, two hip pockets and back pockets with pointed flaps and button closures and 2 1/4" long drop belt loops.

The Marine Corps Green Poly/Wool Trouser is required for officers and enlisted personnel. These are used for most formal occasions where the dress uniform is not required. Among the times where the service uniform "A" (Alpha) is worn for official visits and calls on American and foreign dignitaries, officials and military officers, visiting the White House, serving a court-martial and reporting for duty on-shore.

These slacks should be of length to reach the juncture of the welt of the shoe in the rear. The front of the slack should rest on the top of the shoe with a slight break. The slacks should be pressed to present a smooth vertical crease at the center front and rear of each leg. The crease should extend from the cuff to a approximately 2 inches above the crotch of the slack.

Dry clean. Proudly made in the U.S.A by Defense Logistic Agency